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Service for Sight 

Our national philanthropy is Service for Sight; Delta Gammas across the nation raise funds and volunteer their time to assist the blind and visually impaired. Our chapter has raised thousands of dollars to donate to Service for Sight through events such as Backyard BBQ and Dig it with DG. Some of the money we raise is also returned to our members in the form of fellowships and scholarships.

Giving Back Locally 

In addition to raising money at Backyard BBQ and Anchorslide, Delta Gammas perform many other local service projects which allow us to give back to a community that is always so willing to open its arms to our sorority and college students. Each year, our members do good by sponsoring an Aggie Guide Dog to assist the visually impaired students at Texas A&M. Also, several women visited Guide Dogs of Texas to spend the day learning about the dogs and their duties when aiding the blind. We also host holiday parties at our house for the visually impaired and also collect Christmas gifts for under privileged children in the community. Eta Gamma has teamed up with the University of Houston Delta Gamma chapter and volunteered together at the Beeping Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Lighthouse of Houston. This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to interact with many children who are visually impaired and their families by playing games and making crafts. It also gives us a chance to get to know Dee Gee sisters from another chapter.

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What Service for Sight Means to me

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"Service for Sight is the heartbeat behind Delta Gamma. Without Service for Sight, our chapter lacks meaning and significance. When first joining a sorority, I, truthfully, did not fully understand philanthropies and what the purpose was behind them. However, now I recognize the essential impact sorority women can have on the lives of so many. The simple things we passively enjoy every day, such as enjoying the beautiful scenery, reading a book, looking in the mirror, and many other things we see as minuscule, are the wonderful things that the visually impaired has to miss out on. Delta Gamma dedicates its ideals to improving and loving on those who are visually impaired. We aim to make their lives easier by helping improve their situations and allowing them to enjoy the simple things in life. For example, we actively participate in Beeping Baseball, Beeping Easter Egg, and funding our local guide dog services. Additionally, our women aid in elementary school vision testing to help catch symptoms early on."- Jordan Miller, President (Nov. 2020- Nov. 2021)



"The Delta Gamma Foundation and Service for Sight has provided many individuals, including myself, opportunity. The opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself, the privilege to support a philanthropy that is in active pursuit of protecting the gift of sight, and has even provided individuals with the resources and care to not let visual impairment define them. I am so humbled by the opportunities I have been blessed to encounter simply by the chance and decision to become a Delta Gamma. Service for Sight avidly works to provide and support various opportunities to aid individuals with visual impairments. From Beeping baseball practices to vision testing to Beeping Easter egg hunts, to even establishing schools for the visually impaired I have had the opportunity to see men and women with visual impairments begin to live their life again and NOT just survive it. I am so honored and so proud to be given the opportunity to be a working part in spreading awareness and fundraising for our philanthropy."- Aubrey Lee, Vice President of Foundations (Nov. 2019- Nov. 2020) 

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