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The Article two Sisterhood:

"To foster high ideals of friendship among women, to promote their educational and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of social responsibility, and to develop in them the best qualities of character"

Delta Gamma History

Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi, at the Lewis School for Girls by three young women who were unable to go home for the Christmas break. Together, Anna Boyd, Mary Comfort and Eva Webb created a club of "mutual helpfulness."

They chose the Greek letters Delta and Gamma because of their desire to "Do Good." It remains Delta Gamma's motto today and a driving force in all we do.

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Our Crest

Our Badge

Our Flower

The official Fraternity crest incorporates the cream colored rose, Greek letters, and the Delta Gamma colors of bronze, pink, and blue. 

The original badge of our Founders was the letter "H." This symbolized hope, which was our Founders' watchword. In 1877, the original "Hope" badge was changed to the traditional symbol of hope, the anchor.

Our flower is the cream-colored rose and is beloved by our members. The cream colored rose is registered as the "Delta Gamma" by the American Rose Society.

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Our Motto

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Our motto is "Do Good." It emphasizes our desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The anchor is the most widely recognized symbol of Delta Gamma Fraternity. The anchor is the traditional symbol for hope.

Our Symbol

Our Colors

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Our colors are bronze, pink, and blue. These colors were designated after the founding in hopes of to create more defined symbolism within the fraternity. 

Eta Gamma History

The Eta Gamma chapter of Delta Gamma was founded in 1997 in College Station, TX. We have 1717 initiates to date and are continuing to expand year after year. Here are some of the achievements that the Eta Gamma Chapter has won: ​

  • George Banta Award -Most Outstanding Young Chapter at DG International Convention 2000 & 2002

  • Nation’s Most Outstanding Chapter Award at DG International Convention,  2006 & 2010

  • Most Outstanding Advisory Team – 2012

  • Barbara Griswold Laederach Recruitment Award, 2014

  • Patricia Peterson Danielson Award- awarded every year since 2004

    • Recognizes chapters that demonstrate a level of excellence in all areas of chapter operation and programming

  • House Corporation Exemplary Award – Summer 2014

  • 2020 Chapter Loyalty Award

    • Presented to the chapter that bears moral character aligning with its fraternal values and empowers its members to be ambassadors of the Aggie Network 

  • 2022 Maggie Newsletter Award

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Sweet Home Delta Gamma

a.k.a. "the deeg"

We opened the doors to our house, affectionately named "The Deeg" in August of 1999. Since then it has served as a meeting and living space for our chapter. Not to mention, where we host many of our events. Our beloved deeg will be getting a new addition this fall, as we are preparing for a new chapter room upstairs.

1120 University Oaks

College Station, TX 77840

Office: 979-680-1550

Fax: 979-680-1193

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