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Dear MC '24...

We know finding your home can be a difficult decision. Every woman in our chapter has stood where you are now sharing the same nerves and excitement! We are so glad you have decided to go through the recruitment process and eager for you to find your home within a sorority at Texas A&M! Hear from some our members as they share their biggest piece of advice for participating in sorority recruitment!

Adrianna Lopez

MC '21

"I am thrilled for those of you who have decided to follow through with recruitment! Going through recruitment was the best decision I made for myself and I hope it is the same for you. My main piece of advice would be to trust your gut on where you feel led to. Throughout the week you are going to hear many outside opinions from others based on their own experiences with specific sororities and it can be easy to have those opinions cloud your judgement. Don't let others change your mind on where you feel led to  because no one know what's truly best for you except YOU!"


Marlowe Lynch

MC '20

"I am so excited for you to start recruitment! Delta Gamma has given me more than I ever thought it could. I look back on how much I've grown and it is all thanks to the women in DG! I have found forever friends and made so many beautiful memories! I can't wait to meet you all and for you to find your college home!"


Lola Kilddjian

MC '22

"I am so excited to meet you guys! The recruitment process is such an amazing experience to meet new people and find a home away from home. Delta Gammas has been everything that I needed and more. The friendships and role models that it has provided me with is more than I could have ever asked for. Remember to be confident and stay true to yourself so you can find where you are meant to be! I can't wait to see y'all!"


Bailey Parker

MC '21

"I am so excited you have decided to go through formal recruitment! As you look for a chapter you can call home, remember to be authentically yourself. You do not have to change who you are for a chapter to like you, embrace the unique individual you were made to be! The moment I walked into the Delta Gamma house during recruitment, I immediately felt at home. Listen to your heart and if you really love a chapter make sure you tell them! Throughout the process, remember everything happens for a reason (cliche but true) and no matter what every chapter at Texas A&M is awesome"


Christina Kratky

MC '22

"Recruitment is such a special and rewarding time in your college career and I am so excited y'all get to experience it yourselves! I remember being in your shoes, thrilled to go through the process but also a little nervous for what was to come. I truly believe that what you put into recruitment, will be what you get out of it! Go into recruitment with confidence, knowing that you will meet so many incredible women along the way! Find your home just like I did and GO DG!"

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