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Sister Spotlight: Sarah Hoenig

Sarah Hoenig is a member of MC’17 and recently became a recipient of the Barbara Jordan Media Award. She constructed an informational work centered around Beep Baseball which is an organization Eta Gamma serves. This Chapter is built on women like Sarah who truly recognize a sense of social responsibility and foster educational and cultural interests. We could not be more proud of our sister. 

About the award 

Sarah received the Barbara Jordan Media Award for the college print magazine category. This award is in honor of Barbara Jordan who was a U.S. congresswoman known for breaking barriers and being a gifted orator. Sarah’s article “Beep Baseball: Making Dreams Come True”, which was showcased in Insite Brazos Valley magazine, was reviewed by the governor’s committee on people with disabilities. Her work was chosen to be the best reflection of the criteria for this award. Her article excelled at accurately and positively reporting about individuals with disabilities using People First language and respectful depictions.

Sarah’s Thoughts  

"After attending a “Beep Baseball 101” training day with the Bryan College Station Outlaws and other Delta Gamma’s I was fascinated with the sport and impressed by the incredible athletes on the team. Around the same time, I received a major assignment in a journalism class I was in — we had to complete a long-form story, of any topic with at least eight sources. Immediately I knew I wanted to write about Beep Baseball. I started contacting people, first by talking to the coach and players on the Bryan College Station Outlaws. Then, I started reaching out to people on the board of the Nation Beep Baseball Association (NBBA). I was able to talk to the president and Vice President of the NBBA to gain more insight into the sport.

In the conversations I held with these individuals I was able to learn about the 

history of the sport, the hardships the organization faces, what the NBBA is moving towards, and why the sport is so beneficial to those who are visually impaired. 

The game of beeping baseball has transformed lives and I am so proud that Delta Gamma is able to contribute to this wonderful organization!"

Check out the article her award-winning piece here :

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