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Back to School with DG

From virtual recruitment to virtual sisterhood events the women of Delta Gamma have found unique ways to embrace this semester and all the trials that come with it in the safest possible way. Here's a look into what we've been up to!

Welcomed MC20

After several days of recruitment over computers, we safely welcomed MC20 into our chapter! These women received their bids over zoom and received a new Delta Gamma mask to make them feel at home.

(Pictured: first image is photoshopped and everyone is following CDC guidelines)

Theme Chapters

As Monday chapter meetings were moved to zoom, the leaders in our chapter decided this didn't have to stop meetings from being fun! We introduced theme chapters where everyone dresses up!

(Pictured: Loungewear theme)


To keep everyone connected we have held 2 virtual sisterhood events so far! The first was a cupcake making class over zoom where we to learn pro tips and tricks for the perfect cupcake.

(Pictured: cupcakes made by dg roommates and the zoom call, CDC guidelines were followed throughout the class)

The second event was over zoom the week of the first game and included all things Aggie football. Hype up videos, this or that game day edition, and even a virtual visit from one of the yell leaders!

Do Good Week

Do Good Week is a tradition in Eta Gamma and this year we were determined to continue it in the safest way possible. Members were challenged to find ways to Do Good in the community and one of the most common ways was buying someone's Starbucks drink. Whether the Delta Gammas paid for a stranger's drink behind them in line or brought one to their friends, it is the little things that can make a huge difference in someone's day!

(Pictured: Delta Gamma graphics)

Fall 2020 PR

Recently our Chapter released the fall 2020 PR link! We are so excited about the options included, especially the masks so that we can represent the chapter that means so much to us in the safest way!

(Pictured: images from fall PR)

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