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A Letter to the Graduating Seniors

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

To MC' 16,

Four years ago you decided to choose Delta Gamma as your new home. For many of you, you probably did not know at the time the impact this decision would have on you or the chapter. Now looking at our chapter four years later it is truly apparent that you changed our chapter in an unimaginable way. 

   In August before you even stepped foot in class, the members before saw something special in you. You ran home with the women who would later become your best friends and experienced a whirlwind of a year. You experienced for the first time Backyard BBQ and Anchor Splash, found your perfect big and learned firsthand how the bond of our sisterhood goes beyond anything you could have hoped for. The best part encompasses new adventures, endless possibilities and things to look forward to in the coming years. 

   In the fall of 2017, you brought MC’ 17 home and they became your sisters, your littles, and your best friends. This year you were able to settle into the house and focus on fostering high ideals of friendship throughout the chapter. This might have been the first year you coached an Anchor Splash team or you ran for your first director position. On-campus, you worked to live out our values and our “Do Good” motto which was apparent in each of your actions. 

   2018 was the year you faced the most trials and tribulation but your sisters were there for you every step of the way. Between new internships, jobs and maybe new majors, the little things like study dates with your sisters and hanging out at the DG house became more precious. This is also a year where your MC helped the chapter win both Songfest and Stompfest, which is no small feat. 

   When the fall of 2019 came along and graduation became that much closer, you did not take a step back instead you made it a year to remember. The commitment you showed to service for sight did not go unnoticed, the love you brought as a GGBig inspired, and the standards you set for yourself and the chapter continue to have a lasting impact. You became the backbone of this chapter and the ones that made people want to be and proud to be a Delta Gamma. 

   2020 is the Spring no one ever saw coming, but you handled it with grace. The bonds you built here are forever enduring and will last long past this pandemic. Though it's not the graduation you could have predicted, the value is not lost. You went through four years of difficult challenges and prevailed, stepping out of Texas A&M with countless accomplishments and so much to be proud of. 

   MC’16, you went from Freshman wanting to find a home to becoming this chapter's soul. We see your legacy in every aspect of our chapter. The way you intentionally love each member, your work ethic and dedication to philanthropic matters, your true sense of social responsibility and more, are engraved in Eta Gamma. It breaks our hearts that our time with you got cut short but you are forever our sisters. We cannot wait to see all the good you do outside of TAMU. 


Delta Gamma MC’ 17, 18, 19 

From 2016-2020 the women of Eta Gamma

MC’16 helped the chapter achieve:

-Loyalty Award

-Spring 2020 Aggie Greek Banquet

-2019 Peterson Danielson Award

-2019 Songfest 2nd Place

-2019 Stompfest 2nd Place

-2018 Songfest Champions

-2018 Stompfest Champions

-2017 Songfest 3rd Place-2016 Songfest Champions

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